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I truly believe that everyone is beautiful in their own way and judgement is only for the insecure.
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what about stars?
by matialonsor
Your weight determines
your relationship with gravity;

but it should never determine
your relationship with yourself.
by (DS)

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I’ve kinda just had something click in my head today. 100% of people die. In this life time we actually spend so much time fucking around that we waste it. We stress about things that can be fixed. We’re sad over things that can be fixed, replaced, or are never going to come back. We cry over boys/girls that don’t deserve our trears, but deserve thanks for teaching us lessons that we can take on to make our life better. We complain about jobs that we’re lucky to have, or do things that we don’t like in order to keep existing. We want to exist in stead of live. We want people to like us, but in reality it doesn’t fucking matter because there is always going to be someone that hates you. We are afraid to be our self in order to not be judged. I am done with exiting, it actually is a waste of my short life. Therefore, I do not give a fuck what you think. You can continue to knock my walls away, but I will keep building. I am not put here to exist. I am here to live, god dammit.
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